When I started my wedding planning business at 23 years old I couldn't find ANY business or planning resources. I was so frustrated that other vendors in the industry had plenty of resources at their fingertips, but for whatever reason, wedding planners were tight lipped on spilling their secrets. For whatever reason, wedding planners like to keep their resources and tools to themselves. Frankly, that is just not me! Anyone who knows me knows that I am an open freaking book. I promised myself then that one day when I came close to figuring out the wedding planning world and was running a successful, full-time business, that I would help others who were in our planning world. Planners Perspective was created to be your #1 wedding planning business resource. Welcome to the community ya'll! 

i'm jess

williamsburg, born & raised 

hey y'all!


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How to Make Your Wedding Design Plans Stand Out | Tips from Planners Perspective

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